Unlocking the golden door

Now that campaign season is in full swing, it’s time once again to be reminded of how terrible those damn Mexicans are… With candidates on the right already appealing to the prejudices and predispositions of their constituents, I thought we should take a brief look at the history of immigration to the Americas. You know, BEFORE the Mexican rapists feel compelled to build the impenetrable wall to keep themselves out… Continue reading “Unlocking the golden door”

The fouling of our nest

Not long ago, I wrote a little about the impact our species is having on our planet. It’s a topic I’ve always felt passionate about, and it reminded of my grandpa. More specifically, it reminded me of something I read in my grandpa’s memoir, An Insignificant Life, which I’d like to share with you now, if you’d care to read it. Continue reading “The fouling of our nest”

Sticking out like a sore thumb

I normally refrain from discussing politics (or religion, for that matter) at work. In fact, until very recently, my political views had never been mentioned to anyone I work with. There comes a time, however, when enough is enough. For me, that time came when it seemed I couldn’t even go a full week without having to listen to at least one of my coworkers spewing liberal-bashing diatribes, making homophobic statements, or promoting the idea that we should harken back to the days of old; or as they’d tell it: Back to the glory days of ‘Murica, before those damn liberals ripped up the constitution and planted their seeds of communism. Continue reading “Sticking out like a sore thumb”

Killing her softly

It’s been far too long since I’ve written. So long, in fact, that everything I had previously written on my blog has (thanks to someone forgetting to pay the hosting bill) vanished in the ether. And while I may be able to use some Google cache magic to retrieve bits and bytes, it’s unlikely that anything of substance would come of it. So it is, dear reader, that I have decided to start anew. New ideas and a fresh coat of paint on the ol’ blog, and I’m back up and running; ready for conversation. Continue reading “Killing her softly”